October 3, 2010

Poker Face

I had a wonderful evening yesterday at some friend's house and I really enjoyed the food. One of the hostes is german so we tried some german traditional food. It showed up to be really tasty. This guys live in the centre of the city, so from their terrace you can see a spectacular panorama of the city. We listened to spanish music and played poker. I have played poker before but not that version. To finish the evening we've had even fireworks...
It can't be better!!

Markus showing how to eat the german sausage :)

The dessert was delicious...

What a look!

Play for life or death ;P

So happy that I won this tour


  1. Fin blogg :) Ska bli kul att folja. Och dina bilder ar alltid lika fina! Kram

  2. Tack Pernilla, det är faktiskt lite höst terapi med att starta blogg ;)