January 27, 2011

Almost dead but so Alive

After almost two weeks without a computer here I am with new power and a  new computer. The old one is completly dead. A sad story because I wasn't planning to buy a new one, I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe instead ;)
I haven't been to the shops lately, just entered  into H&M and I must say that this spring seems to be the feminine and full of color, just like i like it ;) I saw some yellow items so I thought is nice to share with you an outfit with this color.

Blouse-Vintage, Skirt- LaRedoute, Tights-Wolford, Boots-Zara,Accessories-Vintage, Bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs

January 15, 2011

Science... never solves a problem without creating ten more

You should know that I'm very superstitious, and the worst days are the 13 th of every month. So when I came home this thursday and started my computer, what happens, bum...when I enter to internet is goes black totally. And I thought that it will fix by itself but no not a chance. So On monday I have to go to some service and fix this problem. I'm sorry if I will not be able to answer or visit your blogs. I hope this problem will be solved because I have so many things in that computer that I don't want to lose.
Hope you had a better 13th of january ;)

Skirt and belt-Vintage, Jewelry-Primark, Sweater-Mango, Boots- Din Sko

January 11, 2011

Winter lazy days...

I've been so lazy these days, I think is because of the cold that I had.
Yesterday I've been to my first class of spanish, but it was really begginers and I hope that I will stand with this until the end of it. I can speak spanish but in Sweden they need to have ratings that I have done some courses. So my plan is to do this course and after try to go to university. We will see how this works.
Like you can see in the pictures we has so wonderful sunsets these days. Is like the sky is on fire.
There was a time when I liked the jewelry from Pilgrim, they had so many beautiful things and many collections. They have even today but I like the old collections. They even have an outlet too. So if you like my necklace you can find it here. So that you know the Pilgrim company dosen't even know that I'm writing about them here...
And what do you think about this coat? I bought it on sales at H&M. I don't usually like the coats or jackets from this brand but this one was cheap and worm.

January 6, 2011

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground

Hi guys! This week is almost done and the weekend is really near. I got the cold and i try to cure myself with all kinds of medicine. It is strange because I usually don't get the cold, i don't even remeber when I had the cold last time.  I must mention that is not for doing these pictures in the snow. It looks that I'm going like this on the streets but I have a coat on, and it is worm with it ;) In some ways is ok to have the cold these days because is not really summer outside ;) but I could live without it ...
I started to put together this outfit from the neckace I bought these days from Accessorize...isn't it cute? Stars and pearls.

Necklace-Accessorize, Sweater-Mango (old), Skirt and tights-H&M, Booties-Vagabond, Ring-Primark

I've been challenged by Lady Sélénite to make a seven point list about myself and I started to think what will be interesting for you to know about me. I want first to thank her for having me on her list on 15 stylish blogs. So this is what I came out with : )

- I'm a food lover and more of that I love chocolate and cakes. Fika (swedish word used for the coffee break, but is not just coffee, it always comes with a cake or something sweet ) is the best thing to do.
-I use to start my diets on monday but untill wednesday I'm eating like allways again, it never works more than 2 days
-I have learned spanish from the TV and of course talking with my friends. My plans are to study it on the university someday. I love this language
-I'm an X-ray technician and I love my job. I love all the prints in fashion that has skeleton or X-ray pictures on.  
-I talk and laugh alot (sometimes to much) and I'm really social with people I don't know but I'm to shy to take the initiative by myself and start talking with someone unknown. 
- I know is stupid but I belive in fate, sometimes to much  
-I'm a art lover but I can't create nothing so that's way I really admire people who can create

So if you want to share things about youself in your blogs it will be so much fun for me to know more about you. So fell free to take the challenge.

January 3, 2011

So many hats and only one head!

I have and addiction these days and it is hats. It is a big trend right now and there are many models in the stores but I have a problem, my head is to big. Or I don't know what's happening because I have so much problems to find a size that fits me. And what can I say about the vintage stores, they have lots of hats but all of them are to small. You should see me when I try them, I look like Cinderella's sisters when they try the glas shoe :)) they don't fit me...
But the last week I entered to a regular store and found this hat that I liked, and I'm so proud of it :)
What do you think about my new bag?  Is a Coach Vintage. I think is kind of cool ;)

Bag-Coach Vintage, Skirt- Vintage, Hat-Cubus, Sweater -H&M, Accessories-Some store, And yes I had shoes on ;)