March 31, 2011

Into each life some rain must fall

Rain, rain and again rain. Today was a rainy day is not my favorites days but somehow is cozy because you can just lay on your soffa or bake like I did. I went out to buy some ingredientes and took some pictures also.
Do you like rainy days? And what do you use to do these days?

Shoes-OASIS, Skirt-Primark, Bag-COACH Vintage, Blazer&T-shirt-H&M,Tights-eBay

These don't look that good but I assure you that they are really tasty

March 29, 2011

Loooong time, no see

I wanted to do this post on friday and wish you all happy weekend, but from tuesday till monday I didn't had the time. It was a really great weekend I had. It started with the salsa congresss on Thursday where i learned some new hot moves ;) and after I partied the whole weekend. It was a really spanish weekend with lots of talk. I had a nice brunch on Sunday and I finished the weekend with the swedish movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  . If you haven't seen it or read the Stig Larsson trilogy I really recommand them to you.
So how was your weekend guys !!

The car that is coming on my back is the Ice-Cream car. It comes on fridays and it sounds into the whole neighborhood and the kids use to buy some ice-cream ;)

Shoes-Dune, Sweater-Gina Tricot, Necklace-Stradivarius, Skirt & Clutch-Vintage, Coat-Oasis  

March 22, 2011

Party going on?

Saturday night was girls night out! We had a great dinner made by Sophia, good cocktails and good music. After, we made the city not so shore for that night hahaha...These are some pictures of my weekend ;)
Not to say that after the party night I woke up to meet my spanish friends for a great bagel and pancakes brunch. Can it be better?
Puh...such a release that I will get my salary on friday ;)

So this is Sophia and it was her birthday dinner ;)

These must be the sweetest candels I ever seen
Kärlek = LOVE

I don't remeber his name but I call him Gustaf the cat! But he s not att all fat like Gustaf ;)

March 18, 2011

You can't be envious and happy at the same time

I hade so much fun doing these pictures, I felt more childish then ever and it startet with the hairband that I got as a present from a sweet litle child called Mattias. He is so playful and so wise child. So I just added more and more stuff to the outfit.
About my Title I just wanted to give an answer to Mister or Miss anonymous who wrote like that:

"You have good taste in terms of dress and clothing.But do not think you are so photogenic. The blog had been great if you had a real slim model with sharp facial features who posed in your clothes and ideas."

Thank you for your comment anonymous, is a really interesting point of wiew. But you know what ? I made this blog because I wanted to show the world that you don't need to be size 0 to have style. For me is not the size or age that matters. There are many shapes, styles and types of people and this is what makes us unique. I could fix my kiols in Photoshop in just one secound but I don't want to do that because nobody is perfect in this world, I'm not perfect. I am what I am. So if you like to take a look of my blog You may, otherwise you don't need to do that. You chose...

Blazer and Bag-Vintage, Dress-Monki, Belt and tights-Primark, Shoes-ASOS

March 15, 2011

It is better to play than do nothing

I so childish sometimes and that's why I wanted to show you my favorite "toy". It is this kind of swings made from wheels. I could swing for hours in them ;)
I must say that I love this skirt, I live in it almost every day.
Now I have to enjoy the spring sun that is finaly here!

Skirt-Primark, Top-H&M, Cardigan and Belt-Lindex, Necklace-Gina Tricot, Earrings-Murano from Venice, Shoes-Moods of Norway