July 31, 2011

Almost out of order

Hm is such a crazy weather here and is raining almost all days. I had such a great week with my friends. From a Roxette concert to party, to eating out and drinking lots of coffee. 
Just 5 days to work and then after vacations. To: ROMANIA. I'm also surprised becasue I wasn't planning to go there for the summer holidays. I hope that i will survive with the warm weather ;) 
Hope you will have a nice week. 

Love these shoes!

Shoes- Sam Edelman, Bag-Vintage, Jacket and T-shirt- H&M, Pants- Next

July 24, 2011

RIP for the norwagian people that wasted their life this weekend

I could not stand to not write this post and say Rest In Peace all of you that have been on the terrible massacre.
Is really crazy what happened this weekend and I hope that something like this will never happen again. 
I've been to Norway before and this is such a lovely country with so lovely people. Why could they let this happen? Nobody can answer the thoughts of a psychopath.

The last two pictures are taken two years ago when I've been to Oslo for celebrating the national day of Noway. Every year on 17 of may is such a great party on the streets.

July 21, 2011

One can find so many pains when the rain is falling

Is crazy that is summer and is just raining away. The temperatures are just going up to 18 and not more and is raining all days since last week. Puh...I'm complaining again about the wather :)
But I'm happy because is my first day of vacation and is just ok to start with a rainy day so I can lay on my sofa and just enjoy...
As you can see I love the H&M sandals that I bought some weeks ago. they are so confortable that I wear them even when I'm at work. Love this skirt because it has so much color, and it was so cheap.

Shoes and skirt-H&M, Bag-Kate Spade, T-shirt-Gina Tricot

July 18, 2011

Up and down, down and up ;)

I continue with Marstrand, the beautiful island near my city. I just have two days left for working and I'm so happy that I can scream hehehe...
Life goes up and down these days but in the good way and is really nice. I hope to tell you soon what is about. Have you heard about the Low of attraction? See the movie/documentary "The secret" and you will se what I'm talking about ;), it helps me alot...

Dress-Cubus, Shoes-ZARA, Bag-Lanvin for H&M, Belt- Love Moschino, Necklace-Forever 21

July 12, 2011

Is ok not to be perfect

Last week I've been for an afternoon trip to a place called Marstrand, that is 20 km from my city. It was a litle cool because I found myself comparing this litle city with Venice. This city is really a summer city and a great place just to be.
Just two weeks to work and then I will have vacations. I'm so tired these days and the energy to train my body is not there. Thinking that IS OK NOT TO BE PERFECT helps alot.

Sandals- ZARA, Bag-Vintage, Skirt&Jacket-H&M, T-shirt- Forever 21, Tights-American Apparel

July 8, 2011

Happy birthday to me ;)

I had almost forgotten that today is my Birthday...is crazy but the time passes so fast that sometimes scares me. To celebrate this day I will go out to take some drinks and shake my curves on the dance floor ;) Maby I will use this outfit today, as you know red is my color.
Have a nice weekend you all!

Skirt- H&M Trend, Sandals-ALDO, Shirt-Gina Tricot, Bra-Lindex, Necklace-Forever 21, Earrings-Lalla Italy,Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs