November 12, 2011

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.”

Lots of ideas, lots of dreams, but no answer! What do I do...Result: Live my life like always, waiting for better times.
Untill then, here is my favorite dress for this fall!


Dress-Åhlens, Shoes-No name, Belt and bag-Vintage, Cardigan-Primark

October 13, 2011

Color me like the rainbow

This is one of the poof that I hate the black color...I'm a color person and this pictures shows what I really mean :)

Skirt - H&M, T-shirt and shoes - Random, Bag - Coach Vintage, Hat - BikBok 

October 9, 2011

So goes a summer from our lives and never return back

Oh no, is not that worm here in Sweden...These pictures were taken in the summer!

Skirt-Vintage, Top-H&M, Bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Keyholder- See by Chloé, Shoes-Dune

October 5, 2011

No man is rich enough to buy back his past

Oh yes, I had the thought to STOP bloging. But today I entered my statisticas of the blog and I saw that there are people entering every day. So I thought why not to continue with it :) ?
So I start where I finished the last time...Here are some photos from my trip...Romania:

                                                        This is the sweetest litle Fashionista!
                                                                          - EMILIA -

                                             Once upon a time, Bucharest was called the litle Paris!

August 6, 2011

I'm coming home...

I am trying for the first time to blog from my phone. Maby it will not work ;) Right now I'm in Wien where I have to wait 6 hours for my flight ;( to Romania that is my second home. Maby this will be my last post for two weeks forward. I'll try to update If I'll find a computer. Hope you all have a great weekend ;)

July 31, 2011

Almost out of order

Hm is such a crazy weather here and is raining almost all days. I had such a great week with my friends. From a Roxette concert to party, to eating out and drinking lots of coffee. 
Just 5 days to work and then after vacations. To: ROMANIA. I'm also surprised becasue I wasn't planning to go there for the summer holidays. I hope that i will survive with the warm weather ;) 
Hope you will have a nice week. 

Love these shoes!

Shoes- Sam Edelman, Bag-Vintage, Jacket and T-shirt- H&M, Pants- Next

July 24, 2011

RIP for the norwagian people that wasted their life this weekend

I could not stand to not write this post and say Rest In Peace all of you that have been on the terrible massacre.
Is really crazy what happened this weekend and I hope that something like this will never happen again. 
I've been to Norway before and this is such a lovely country with so lovely people. Why could they let this happen? Nobody can answer the thoughts of a psychopath.

The last two pictures are taken two years ago when I've been to Oslo for celebrating the national day of Noway. Every year on 17 of may is such a great party on the streets.