June 25, 2011

Last minute person

Oh I wanted to post this outfit for two days ago but I had allways something to do. You see I'm a last minute person, I almost allways get late or if I'm not I stress alot to get in time. I wait with things until last minute. I wonder is there is a magical cure for this? I know discipline is one of them but i think this thing is missing for me ;).
Like I said to you I went to the ZARA sales, and I got the blazer and the skirt that I'm wearing today.
Hope you all have a great weekend,
Hugs from me!

Skirt & Blazer - ZARA, Shoes - Berska, Linnen - H&M Garden Collection, Bag- H&M Trend, Brouche - Vintage, Earrings - CHANEL vintage 1994.

June 20, 2011

Hello Monday,

Today I'm in a rush because i just saw on the internet that ZARA has begun their SALE, is on the net but I think i will find some goodies in the stores too. So Is time for a shopping tour, hope to find something ;)
Hope you all had a nice weekend.

PS: Is hard for me to comment on some blogs because the Google accont doesn't recognize my ID. So If you don't have the Name/URL alternative on your comments I can't comment. Sorry.

Hmm, Snata is in town...

Skirt - Vintage, Blazer- H&M, T-shirt - Gina Tricot, Hat - Accessorieze, Bag - ZARA, Jewelry - Pilgrim

June 16, 2011

When you list expect...

...life gives you lots of surprises
I woke upp with dizzy today and felt that i have to do something etter than be in bed the whole day. So I wrote an sms to a friend and we went out to eat Sushi. It was a really nice experience. Is shame on me that I didn't took a pictures of her too...it will be for the next time.
Last Sunday I spent my day watching the third season of Sex and the City. Oh I enjoyed every moment...I actually think that I will do a repeat for this weekend too.  
So my outfit today is inspired from SATC.
On my way home with the tram I was lucky to enjoy a spontaneous magic card game "show". This guy was really good and just started to do some tricks with the cards and left us all with the mounth open. 

I would like to try this thing ;)

Skirt, belt and t-shirt - H&M, Shoes - Dune London, Bag - Vintage, Cardigan - Forever 21 

Photos of me by sweet Sjomen

June 13, 2011

Even smal towns have their charm

Is already known that Sweden is best in the summers. Everything is so alive...people are out at the terraces enjoying their beer, coffe or ice-cream. Some day I will show you the difference between the city with cold weather and sunny days. I must say that even small towns are fun when is sunny. Last week I've been to a town called Varberg. It was a great experience and it is situated near the sea.
Yesterday I've been to center and been so surprized because the SALE has started in some shops. I found so great pieces at H&M Trend that is hard to belive how cheap it was. I'm just so afraid that this summer sale will be to good and that I will waste alot of money.
What about you? Have the sale started where you live, and if yes did you found something cool?

Dress and belt-H&M, Shoes-ZARA, Bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Cardigan-Forever 21

June 10, 2011

Put some splash of color in your life!

 I felt so colorful for this trip to Denmark. There is a ferryboat that goes to a smal city called Fredrikshamn. I was impressed of how cleaned this city is. There were lots of shops but the only thing I bought is this umbrella. You see, the summers in Sweden are almost of the time rainy.  
Hope you all have a great weekend and sunny days ;)

Top-Gina Tricot, Skirt and Shoes-H&M, Bracelet - Banana Republic, Bag- Marc By Marc Jacobs, Umbrella- Elisabeth Dahl