October 3, 2010

The beautiful color of joy

This is the entire outfit of saturday and you will see this skin jacket alot because I'm living in it. Is so good when it's windy because it protects you from freezing. I don't use to wear jeans or pants because I have a big bottom. But when i started this blog I sayed to myself that I will not think of it and not use the liquify button in Photoshop to try to reduce my body. I mean not everybody can be that smal like a fotomodel. So here is the real truth :)

And for all of you who have body madness...stop it because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

A litle crazy picture, I don't like what the flash does to the pictures...but this one is a litle cool I think

Jeans&Chamise- H&M, Necklace-Gina Tricot, Cardigan&Skin Jacket- LaRedoute, Shoes-China Town in Bucharest;)

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