February 27, 2011

I wasn't naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight

Lazy sunday will be today. I don't use lay on my soffa so often but yesterday evening I had a dilema with chosing a movie, because each channel had so great films. So I just laid in my soffa and chosed Noting Hill. So today will be great to just chill again ;) 
As you can se we still have some snow but the weather is a litle better and a friend of mine said that the trees are starting a new life again. I'm so happy about that.
Have a great sunday! 

Hat-Bik Bok, Bag-Primark, Boots-Mango, Dress-Zara, Cape-eBay

February 26, 2011

Ups I did it again

Like every year in a row, I use to have a surprize from H&M. And this year I had a really great surprize because they gave me some money back, but UPS...I realized that I'm addicted to this store because I have spend so much money there. Ok...I can say that I not just addicted with the clothes from this store, they even have the HOME edition with so great quality and great prices.
I also want to show you my nails...I like this royal blue color. I will use it alot this spring!

February 21, 2011

We don't need no education

I always liked the school girl look and this is one of my interpretation. What do you think?
I really look forward to the 25th to have new money for shopping. I have been looking into the shops and I can't find so many beautyful original things. Maby becasue I'm not in the mood or maby because almost everything looks the same. Were I do find beautiful things is on the web, eBay and the thift stores. So I don't have to worry about that my money will not be used :)))
What do you think about the fashion in stores ?

Boots and shirt- Mango, Skirt-Gina Tricot, Sweater-Primark, Earrings-Lala Italy

February 17, 2011

One reason why I want the summer to come...

My best purchase from the London trip are these sandals from Aldo. You see, we don't have ALDO in Sweden and I must say such a shame for them because I love their shoes. I saw them on the internet before my trip and when I looked in two shops they weren't there so I told a seller that I saw them on the web and she was so sweet and looked for it. So here they are. Miu miu look alike. Ohh I just can't wait for the good weather to come...
Oh and the hat, I have searching for one like this for ages and now found it at Accessorize. You should see me back from London to cold Sweden with a hat like this on my way home. I didn't wanted to wrinkle it.

February 14, 2011

Come live in my heart and pay no rent

For all of you (even if I don't really like this day, I have my reasons) :
Happy Valentine's Day!
I want to thank you for all your support...love you!

Dress, Belt and breacelet-Vintage, Necklace-Lindex, Bag-Coach Vintage, Tights-H&M, Boots-leather no name, Earrings-Chanel spring 1994

February 12, 2011

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Is crazy how time passes by, I haven't done so many things just work and hibernate. The past week I was almos convinced that spring is on it's way, but then a new stormy snow came. I feel realy tired these days and I really need some summer.
Las weekend I've been to London to do some shopping but I was a bit disapointed when I realized that the fashion is so much vintage and not att all so special. Don't misunderstand me, I love vintage but I came to the point that I think it is more fun to buy vintage things from real vintage shops. Then You have an unique product and much better quality. So the shopping ended with lots of pair of shoes for the spring.
I WIll soon visit your blogs and se what you have done these days, I'm a litle behind everything right now.

Jacket- Vintage, Belt- Love Moschino, Dress-Zara, Earrings- Murrano Venice, Shoes- DinSko, Hat-Bik Bok, Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs