October 11, 2010

Bigger than BIG

The cold weather creeps up to Scandinavia and this makes that the people are starting to use warmer clothes. One of the last and this years trend is the big scarf and the leather jacket. Wherever you are and whenever you turn your had, there is it, the "trend". It gets me sick because 8 of 10 people has it. Young and old alike, man or women. I've took this pictures in 10 minutes. I really have lots more pictures of my short photoshot but I just give you an exemple. I mean, can't anybody be more original? Is this trend getting Bigger than BIG maby?


  1. the big scarf is practical in cold weather but not the leather jacket. but i guess they do look good together and sometimes people just copy each other without thinking.

  2. I agree with you :) but is nice sometimes with some diversity ;)