October 26, 2010

Love you too

I didn't even set my foot on the aircraft steps and the frost hit me. Such a big difference if I compare it with London, it was sunny though...I'm a little envious of you who live south. The fact is that I should be able to stand it, but the truth is that almost nobody in this country likes the cold weather. Its ok for some days when is snowy, then is not that funny anymore either. 
I'm really tired in these pictures (as I can se). Is not that strange, I had my flight at 7am. I can just say that I already miss London.

Coat-Monki, Dress-H&M Trend, Belt-Love Moschino, Earrings-Lala Italy, Necklace-No Name, Shoes- DinSko. Leggins-Gina Tricot


  1. Such a stylish outfit. Love the coat and the belt (I've been looking for a Moschino belt for aaaages).

    Thanks for the comment on our blog :).

    S., http://thehearabouts.blogspot.com

  2. I hate the heat, and you hate the cold. I suppose any extremes is bad.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  3. That's a cute and comfy outfit, personnaly I love cold weather when I'm home with hot tea and good stuff to do, but I love it less when I have to go out early in the morning !

  4. The Hearabouts: Thanks, you might look att yoox.com. I buyed my belt a mounth ago from them.

    Sacramento: Yes the expremes are bad, I like it when is 25 degrades hehehe.
    Una brazo fuerte para ti ;)

    Lady sélénite: I totaly agree with you ;)

  5. I like the idea of blanket style coats over a flowy tunic and the belt puts all together!

  6. Oooh BÄLTET! Var finns det att hitta... jag har letat efter ett men hittar ingenstans :(

  7. Mia kolla in yoox.com. De har den i andra färger tyvärr, men det kanske är till hjälp :)