September 30, 2010

Sunny Days

For the moment we've had so sunny days. It is could but in the other side you never know when the rain is back so that's why you have to enjoy. Yes, I know I'm talking a lot about the wather but is really important here in Sweden :) 

Here are some pictures I've took with a vintage skirt that I really love. The colour is a bit special but that's why I like it. This kind of long skirts makes me feel that I'm coming from another period of the humanity. Is true that I would have liked to live in the time of 1800-1900. Or maby not, because of the society back then :)

Cardigan-Primark, Shoes & Chamise- La Redoute, Belt- ZARA, Earrings- Gina Tricot, Flower-H&M, Skirt-Vintage

September 28, 2010

Markets of London

Is really getting late here and I don't know why am I not going to sleep. Is maby because I'm used to stay up so late. Anyway, I was thinking to share with you some of my pictures taken i the Markets of London. In July was my first time to see London and beside the fact that so many people on the streets were suffocating me, I loved London. Is a city with so much variety and you can find whatever you want on the shops. I came back in august this year and I went to some markets. Because as you know London is known by its markets. So here you have some photo evidence.
I was really nostalgic when this man showed to some costumers this books, it remembers of my childhood

A shop just to LOVE

This shoes remembers me of the movie The Wizer of Oz, I wonder if you can just wish something and then beat shoes :)

These shoes are like smal litle sweet cakes, but when I tried them I didn't felt that comfortable

September 27, 2010

The summer just left the Sun

So much energi I get from the sun. You can't compare a nice sunny day with a rainy day. But I can now fell that 13 degrades is way to litle. And colder will be...

Shoes-Vagabong(old), Skirt, linen and belt-H&M, Tights-MQ, Shirt-Gina Tricot, Accesories-Portobello Market (London) 

September 26, 2010

Please DO try this at home

I'm in the SPA mood today, after yesterday :)

I have read on various sites that caffeine could help against cellulite and that there should be in cellulite creams. I then found in a magazine that you can use coffee grounds to scrub on your legs and that it should be effective against cellulite. I started to try it and after the first treatment I noticed that my skin had become as soft as baby skin. I have noticed very little that it removes cellulite but after reading further on internet it seems that it is only a temporary solution. I use it because I feel that my skin is so smooth. You can also take a few drops of olive oil in the coffee grounds for extra softness. I use it throughout the body and even on my face.

Just try it on your hands and you will see what a difference!


Yesterday I was at Hagabadet which is a known fitness and spa here in the city. But I was really disappointed. The good thing is that I was with the girls and that was really fun. We talked many hours, althought that the supply of the spa was really pour.
This is how it looks inside

September 24, 2010

All sweaty

Two years ago, I found Lara Hudson who is a great Pilates trainer. Forget those boring Pilates DVDs where you get instruction in breathing and focused movements. I saw her first on youtube and I decided to try. Today I have almost all of her Pilates DVDs. The best part is that each body part can be trained for 10 minutes or you can choose to do the entire DVD. I must admit that I have not exercised regularly but I have noticed that my abs has been stronger.

Foto session

A year ago I bought me a SLR and since then I just practiced and practiced. Of course I do not think I have talent in creating but I've found that it is so much fun to shoot almost everything. When I was in London in august this year, I had the chance to shoot those cute girls. I think these images are turned out rather cool. Enjoy!

Today is one of those days...

...that i don't have the desire to do nothing. I really like this days that you can just lay on your soffa and do nothing att all, maby just watch TV. I don't like to follow bloggs where there are lots of text so that's why i will have more pictures than text in my blog.

Now you can not ignore it anymore -> autumn is here!

September 23, 2010


This weekend i had a visit from a very sweet litle boy...Erik

Längtar redan - Can not wait

I somras var jag på Sicilien och blev väldigt glad överraskad om hur underbart det var. Har redan bestämt mig att jag måste åka dit igen. Och det måste ske så snart det bli varmt på våren :)

This summer I was in Sicily and was very happy surprised how wonderful it was. Have already made up my mind that I must go there again. And it must be done as soon as it gets warm in spring :)