October 31, 2010

Smart tips

I want to share with you a tip that I tried these days. We were talking at work about how to clean jewelry in the cheapest way. And one of my colleagues said that she have tried to put aluminum foil in a plate with water and salt. It seems that there is an interaction between these ingredients that can clean dark uggly jewelry. So I tried this at home and it worked. You might let the jewels some hour or something like that. So cheap and it dosen't damage your jewels like the special solution you buy in the jewelry shops. You can even use this kind of towels specially made for clean the jewelry for best results.

October 30, 2010

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet

After I came back from my London trip I realized that I need to cleanse my closet. I have so many things that I shoud get rid of, but I'm one of these persons that I can't just throw it away. Once, we've made a changing day clothes with my friends. I think we should do that some of these days.
Today after the photoshooting, we've went to a libanese restaurant. I must say that I LOVE food. And the best, I like to try all kind of food from other contries. My favorite food are the spanish tapas and then the italian cuisine. But since I moved to a bigger city and the diversity here is so good, I started to enjoy Persian food and libanese. I'm open to all kind of suggestions. I like to cook and I would like in the future to make my own blog about food. Right now I don't really have the time to do that. But stay tunned ;) who knows...

Oversize sweater-Gina Tricot, Leggins and ring-Primark, Necklace-H&M, Boots-Zara, Earrings- Buyed in Norway(Stavanger), Bag- PART TWO

October 26, 2010

Love you too

I didn't even set my foot on the aircraft steps and the frost hit me. Such a big difference if I compare it with London, it was sunny though...I'm a little envious of you who live south. The fact is that I should be able to stand it, but the truth is that almost nobody in this country likes the cold weather. Its ok for some days when is snowy, then is not that funny anymore either. 
I'm really tired in these pictures (as I can se). Is not that strange, I had my flight at 7am. I can just say that I already miss London.

Coat-Monki, Dress-H&M Trend, Belt-Love Moschino, Earrings-Lala Italy, Necklace-No Name, Shoes- DinSko. Leggins-Gina Tricot

October 24, 2010

Greetings from London

 I've had such wonderful days here, the weather is much better then Sweden. I have heard that is snowing home, something that I don't look forward to. Yesterday we went out and had lots of fun, so nice to meet new people. I like London because is so international and the people are getting intouch with each other much easier. I have one day left of my short vacation,it was so worth it to travel a litle...

I thought that is nice to share this pictures with you, this computer is so slow and I can't do nothing with the pictures because I don't have photoshop :( 

Dress-Miss Selfidge, Shoes-Oasis, Coat-Wera Stockholm, Tights&belt-Primark, Necklace-Topshop, Earrings-Swarovski

October 21, 2010

London calling

I tried to write yesterday a post but my computer was so slow and I didn't have the time either to wait for it. So I woke up this morning in London. I will be here for the weekend. So nice to come outside of the routine a litle. The plan for today is just be on the streets and shop, maby spy a litle on the outfits of the people. Call me crazy but is really inspiring and fun. I wear this outfit today but I took the pictures in Sweden the other day :)

Jeans and blazer-H&M, Sweater- Mango, Shoes-Dune, Ring-Pilgrim, Wallet-no name (a copy of LV)

Gothenburg-love my city :)

October 19, 2010

Kimono Fusion

Ohh...finally I'm free from work one week! Isen't that great? I've have longed to this so much.  
So to start my free week I went to an exhibition today, Kimono Fusion! It was a beat of the japanese fashion culture, more about kimonos. The exibition was interesting but I thought it will be more expressive. i liked the fabrics and the patterns of the kimonos. Since I was in the museums of London I understood that I should read more about the history, culture and fashion in Asia. Is like another world for me.
Here are some photos of the day ;)

October 18, 2010

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

This autumn is so beautiful...if it was for me it could be autumn a half year. I'm a romantic person and I enjoy every single color of the threes. Is such a beautiful transformation. Then is so nice that you can light candels and just watch movies in the evenings. This autumn I will finally watch my whole Sex and the City DVD box. I love these girls, I can watch this series for hours.

Trench-Viktor&Rolf for H&M, Tunic and hairflower-H&M, Leggins-GinaTricot, Bag-Zara, Shoes-Scorett, Ring-Pilgrim, Bracelet-Primark, Earrings-London Spitalfield Vintage Market