December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

With this post I want to thank you for all your support and also want to wish you a Happy New Year!
I saw that there is a trend in the blogosphere to write about things that we've learned this year or things that we remember. So I started to think if there was things that I've done this past year and didn't came out with something but when I started my computer and looked to my pictures from this past year I realized that Yes this year it was a great year:
- I travelled more then other years 
- I did many new friends 
- I spended more time with my friends (not the last months thought)
- I enjoyed summer to the max
- I danced alot of salsa and learned many new steps
But let the pictures talk for themselves:
 In february I did a trip to Venice to see the Carnival, and it was a really cool experience and a great tradition indeed

In april I visited my friend Ingvill in Norway the city called Stavanger and I strongly recommand it if you want to visit. I had a really great time there ;) Like you can see in the small pictures we went to a fjord and is was amazing like a painting or something haven like. So that's why the next pictures are also from the same place.

This year I became Godmother for the first time for this sweet litle boy, his name is Patrik...

 My friend Sorina visited me for some days and it made me so much pleasure. Hope she liked Sweden and want to come back. This girl has a really great sense of style and it was really fun to go shopping with her ;)

I had so much fun that day when we decided to go to the seaside.

The summer came and I tried to be a turist in my own city, we had much fun Mana and I, we tried to combine the work with afterwork, coffee breaks and sightseeing.

Alisa came for a congress to Gothenburg and I showed her around, the archipelago outside the city center is amazing.
More summer pictures...

And of course the salsa friends and my teachers performing

And not to forget that I saw London for the first time in my life! Is was so much fun and like you can see I got the Macarons and Ingvill got the Ice Coffee from Starbucks ;)

For summer holidays I went to Sicily, and what a great choise. I must go back soon.

And I got back to London to visit my cousin who moved there this great ;)! We had so much fun and I met Jessica and her doughters who are so nice persons
And not to forget my girls, we had so great coffee breaks, afterworks and SPA.

And least but last my Mother, such a special person for me. we have our fights like in all relashionships but this person is precious ;) Thanks because you exist!  
So for the next year I will try to be better on taking pictures, buy smarter, enjoy life and all the lite things that this brings.
 I want to thank to SACRAMENTO and VICEN for the support you gave to me when I first started my blog. And of course all of you that are reading and leave me so cute comments.


December 29, 2010

Be my guest ;)

I must say to you the truth and is that I have no pictures! Is minus 15 degrees outside and sometimes is not that fun to take pictures in this weather ;/
I want to share with you some pictures that I took in april this year. I took some lessons in photography and we learned how to take pictures in a studio, so there I saw my chance to practice a litle. It was a really fun experience and my friend Mana helped me. She will visit me today so that's way I thought that is nice to do this post.

I also want to thank in this post to Vicen that is the moderator of these to really good blogs:
for doing a great post about me and my city ;)
HERE you can read the post!
Many many THANKS Vicen!
And I want to tip that you should list your blog on LOOK 10!

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to you and to you!

I want to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!
Hope that Santa will bring you all you wished for ;)

These are some of my presents, but most of all I want to THANK to those who sended  me these beautiful Christmas cards. It means alot to me. Next year I will be better in sending you postcards ;)

Skirt-Cubus, Bustier, Ring, Necklace-H&M, Shoes-Replay, Belt-Furla Vintage

December 23, 2010

I want pearls, not flowers!

Hi! Hope you are prepared for the Christmas Eve. Well I'm not :/ i have some things to do but I think that I will manage to finish untill then. I must say that my internet connection works just sometimes and is hard sometimes to put some photos.
So see you on Christmas day when I will show you my outfit for this Christmas ;)

Dress-Vintage, Necklace and Leggins-H&M, Boots-ZARA

December 20, 2010

A great city is not to be confunded with a populous one

This is a litle bit of my city. I wanted to share these pictures with you, because I love this city. Gothenburg is the second city of Sweden, but is not that big like a secound city in other countries are. I took these pictures the last year but this year the city looks the same this time of the year. I like these lights that they have chosen to have for Christmas time, they are not to much and not to litle.   

This is how it look when all have to buy X-mas presents...really crazy ;)