November 5, 2010

Old is New

I'm so impressed of people who can bargain Vintage. I can't say that I'm so good at that. I think is because I don't have the patience to search through all the clothes and that sometimes I find the clothes really used and not in a good shape. But sincerely I would like to be good at bargain Vintage. So sometimes I give it a chance, like yesterday. As you can see on these two pictures, I found nice stuff. I couldn't just leave without the red dress, but unfortunatly I did not buy the long skirt that needed to many changes. After that I went to the mall for some shoeshop. It was blowing like crazy outside so I took some pictures inside the mall.

Coat-Oasis, Necklace and leggins-H&M, Tunic-Vero Moda,Shoes, Earrings and brooch-No Brand


  1. You are so beautiful in your long black skirt...I also love the red dress,it suits you... And of course, the rest of the photos with the pearls.Absolutely lovely!!!

  2. The quality of your photos is really good. Like your hair style!


  3. Well you found good vintage stuff, this red dress is a treasure ! And I love the outfit you wear in the mall.

  4. Älskar den röda klännigen hehe asball ju!
    Jag måste planera vår LANVIN-kö! hahahaha hur gör vi? vi får ta o ha möte nån kväll innan jag går o när du kommer tycler jag

  5. Vintage shopping is such an awesome thing to do, you never know what treasures you can find! I love vintage even more than new stuff:)
    About your finds, i really love the first photos, hat skirt is so amazing! I'm envious:)(joking)


  6. I think the skirt is a great find!

  7. Hola Vero, me encanta que visites mi blog y mucho más que comentes, estás preciosa en estas fotos.
    Te mando un saludo desde España.
    Siempre espero tus comentarios en mi sitio, me dan mucha alegría.

  8. The dress is fab. It does take a lot of time and effort to shop for vintage bargains, it can take time just to learn how to pick what is good out of a pile of junk - you wouldn't think it would be hard but it can be!

  9. It's true! You did find great stuff! And don't worry about bargain for vintage, it takes time and practice. But it seems that one thing you don't need help with is finding good pieces!


  10. wow you found some really great pieces. they are very special. as to your outfit i just love all the pearls you are wearing. true chicness!

  11. Great items!, the good thing about vintage shopping is that the items are unique and one of a kind!