November 3, 2010

It's hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything

I like animals but I will never be able to take care of them like is needed. I hope one day that I will do a post with my friend Patricia and her labrador called Sueco. He is so sweet, really love him. 
Were I live, they have like a farm with all kinds of animals. It's a litle bit strange because is in the city side, but in one way nice to be near the nature. I tried once to ride a horse, and is was a strange exprerience. Strange because when I saw the horse I was so scared...she was so big and tall, but really beautiful. I did my first and last lesson that time. Oh I'm a wimp with these things ;)

Shoes-ZARA, Pants-NEXT, T-shirt-KappAhl, Leather Jacket-Åhlens, Bag, scarf and cap-Primark, Ring-Pilgrim


  1. Love your pants, and I do not like pants at all. But this ones do look so good on you.
    Lovely photos of nature and horses.
    I love animals, too, but we travel a lot so, no animals...
    Any chance of removing the WORD VERIFICATION.such a waste of time..., please!!!

  2. I loooove animals so much and i also love your pants and bag! Gorgeous look:)

    P.S. Let me know if you wanna follow each other!

  3. Great outfit for a walk in the countryside ! I ride a horse just once, and it is a bad bad memory...!

  4. this is such a comfy and chic oufit for haning out in the countryside. i love the pattern on the pants and the leather gray jacket add a great touch to the outfit