September 28, 2010

Markets of London

Is really getting late here and I don't know why am I not going to sleep. Is maby because I'm used to stay up so late. Anyway, I was thinking to share with you some of my pictures taken i the Markets of London. In July was my first time to see London and beside the fact that so many people on the streets were suffocating me, I loved London. Is a city with so much variety and you can find whatever you want on the shops. I came back in august this year and I went to some markets. Because as you know London is known by its markets. So here you have some photo evidence.
I was really nostalgic when this man showed to some costumers this books, it remembers of my childhood

A shop just to LOVE

This shoes remembers me of the movie The Wizer of Oz, I wonder if you can just wish something and then beat shoes :)

These shoes are like smal litle sweet cakes, but when I tried them I didn't felt that comfortable

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