December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

With this post I want to thank you for all your support and also want to wish you a Happy New Year!
I saw that there is a trend in the blogosphere to write about things that we've learned this year or things that we remember. So I started to think if there was things that I've done this past year and didn't came out with something but when I started my computer and looked to my pictures from this past year I realized that Yes this year it was a great year:
- I travelled more then other years 
- I did many new friends 
- I spended more time with my friends (not the last months thought)
- I enjoyed summer to the max
- I danced alot of salsa and learned many new steps
But let the pictures talk for themselves:
 In february I did a trip to Venice to see the Carnival, and it was a really cool experience and a great tradition indeed

In april I visited my friend Ingvill in Norway the city called Stavanger and I strongly recommand it if you want to visit. I had a really great time there ;) Like you can see in the small pictures we went to a fjord and is was amazing like a painting or something haven like. So that's why the next pictures are also from the same place.

This year I became Godmother for the first time for this sweet litle boy, his name is Patrik...

 My friend Sorina visited me for some days and it made me so much pleasure. Hope she liked Sweden and want to come back. This girl has a really great sense of style and it was really fun to go shopping with her ;)

I had so much fun that day when we decided to go to the seaside.

The summer came and I tried to be a turist in my own city, we had much fun Mana and I, we tried to combine the work with afterwork, coffee breaks and sightseeing.

Alisa came for a congress to Gothenburg and I showed her around, the archipelago outside the city center is amazing.
More summer pictures...

And of course the salsa friends and my teachers performing

And not to forget that I saw London for the first time in my life! Is was so much fun and like you can see I got the Macarons and Ingvill got the Ice Coffee from Starbucks ;)

For summer holidays I went to Sicily, and what a great choise. I must go back soon.

And I got back to London to visit my cousin who moved there this great ;)! We had so much fun and I met Jessica and her doughters who are so nice persons
And not to forget my girls, we had so great coffee breaks, afterworks and SPA.

And least but last my Mother, such a special person for me. we have our fights like in all relashionships but this person is precious ;) Thanks because you exist!  
So for the next year I will try to be better on taking pictures, buy smarter, enjoy life and all the lite things that this brings.
 I want to thank to SACRAMENTO and VICEN for the support you gave to me when I first started my blog. And of course all of you that are reading and leave me so cute comments.



  1. happy new year!
    thank you for frequenting my blog - it means so much.
    your blog makes me want to pack my bags and come to sweden so so badly.
    i think that will be my new years resolution! x.

  2. I wish you a great 2011 !!
    I nominate you as one of the fifteen fashion bloggers...So, if you want, feel free to check out the post on my blog :

  3. Happy 2011!!!
    keep goin' on blogging! :)
    all the best xoxo

  4. 2010 looks like a wonderful year for you. I wish you 2011 to be even better and all your dreams come true.
    Amazing post.
    Happy new year sweetie!!!!!!!!

  5. Shopping while drunk ;) Skynda dig hit igen, Gott nytt ar!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! i love your header & Blog:) Happy new year!X

  7. happy new year!lovely pics!

  8. happy new year! lovely post.

  9. Wow the venice Carnival looks fab! Thanks for the wonderful comment! As ever hope you visit back! Plus Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New year !
    nice pictures , you look lovely x

  11. happy new year to you too! Great pictures! it looks like a great year! You have a great blog by the way! Im happy I ran into it! I really like your style and your posts are a great read!! So i'm gonna follow you! :)
    hope you visit me back and become a follower too:)
    let me know if you want to exchange blogroll links!

  12. Happy New Year!! Nice pictures like always!!

  13. Happy new year to you and loving all the blog posts right now about peoples reflections on the year that was. Love to see all the great things people have done including yourself. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Ai avut un an grozav! Sper ca 2011 sa fie si mai bun:) La multi ani, multe bucurii si impliniri iti doresc:*

  15. Wow what an amazing year you had! I loved looking at all these photos...they looked so lovely x x

  16. Happy New Year dearest

    Thank you for sharing so many amazingness with us

    May Love & Happiness be with you in 2011

    Best Wishes

  17. Deseo que 2011 sea para ti un año maravilloso, y que todos tus sueños se hagan realidad. También deseo que nos podamos conocer más, porque me pareces una persona maravillosa.

    Un millón de besos.

  18. Yo este año deseo poder volver a Londres con las maletas casi vacías para llenarlas !!!
    je je je
    Feliz 2011 y ojalá se llenen de recuerdos como el 2010!!!
    Un besazo!!!

  19. Happy New Year to you too, and what fun pictures!!!

    Liesl :)

  20. Fantastic pics that show how good was last year for you. I wish this year is at least as fantastic or more.
    kss a lot

  21. Vero que lindo este post.
    Me encanto ver como resaltaste todas las cosas buenas que te pasaron, las fotos estan preciosas.
    QUe tengas un año espectacular lleno de nuevos lugares para conocer y mucha salud.

  22. Ohh wow...what an amazing photos and great post! I love love love reading your blog and I cant wait to do it more this year
    Happy New Year, sweetie pie